Legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada

Legalization in canada is a historic decision

On June 19, 2018, the Canadian government approved the Cannabis Act, which is the law that will sanction the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada.

With 52 votes in favor and 29 against, the Senate confirmed the favorable vote of the Chamber of Deputies (205 to 82).

In 2001, medical cannabis was legalized.

The measure was strongly desired and publicized by the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who thus wants to counter the illicit market for the product and regulate consumption, alienating minors.

The first estimates estimate the annual turnover that this market can produce at around 7 billion euros.

The news cannot leave you indifferent. Canada is in fact the second country in the world (after Uruguay) to legislate in this sense and is the only G7 member country to have done so.

The Canadian case has the potential to be an important forerunner for all policies related to the legalization of cannabis.

The whole nation will have its eyes on it from other industrialized countries.

In Colorado, an American state whose legislation had already been made, the data on income and consumption are very encouraging but now it is to be seen what will happen in an entire nation.

The law will allow you to purchase up to 30g of marijuana at a time and up to 4 plants for self-production.

How marketing will work

The sale will be regulated differently by the various Canadian states: in Alberta, for example, it will be available for purchase in licensed stores.

In Ontario, on the other hand, the sale will be managed directly by the state, which will provide for the opening of special stores.

Initially, derivative products, such as oils, will not be sold, but the possibility of using the product as you see fit remains at home.

Product prices have not yet been established, and will likely be one of the keys to the law’s success.

Setting very low prices could entice children to consume, while too high prices would end up losing the battle against the illegal market.

The move by the Justin Trudeau-led government has the potential to be a key moment for legalization in the world.

The trend for next year is therefore of great interest to investors, workers in the sector and enthusiasts.

Canadian management will also be carefully studied by other countries, especially those that have already initiated policies of openness towards marijuana.

As we know, however, in Italy the use of these substances is prohibited. But you can buy it for legal cannabis light.