CBD – The main hemp cannabinoid

Discovering CBD, the “good” cannabinoid of the hemp plant

The hemp plant isn’t just THC. The most famous cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol, known mainly for being a psychotropic substance is actually just one of the active ingredients present, alongside CBC, CBD, CBG and many others.
The flowering of the Cannabis Light market has made it possible to shift the spotlight on other cannobinoids and their health benefits, being a legal product and therefore with THC values ​​within the legal limits.

The most famous of these active ingredients is cannabidiol, better known as CBD.
CBD is not psychoactive, therefore it does not create alterations in the person who consumes it, on the contrary, it is a principle known for its ability to limit the impact of THC, so much so that it is administered in the form of oil to those who are using high-content therapeutic cannabis. of THC (net of the problems we talked about here) to limit its impact.
The result? A relaxing and calming effect, without any highs.

Among the main effects of CBD we find those relaxing, anticonvulsant, antidistonic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory. In addition, it promotes sleep and is soothing against anxiety and panic.

The therapeutic capabilities of the active ingredient jumped to the headlines for the first time in 2013, with the case of Charlotte. It was a controversial case for the administration of oils with a high cannabidiol content to a 5-year-old girl; Charlotte was effectively treated in Colorado for Dravet syndrome, starting a process of strong experimentation and media exposure of the principle.

In addition to oil, CBD can be found in the inflorescences of light cannabis in many varieties, legally sold in Italy. The CBDCollection catalog contains the best of indoor and outdoor products and is constantly updated, to always provide products of the highest quality and perfectly legal.