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CBD Collection produces and selects the best Legal Cannabis Light italian flowers with high CBD (Cannabidiol). Winners of 7 cannabis cup, since 2017 we have always been looking for and perfecting new phenotypes and genotypes to offer you a unique and ever-better experience.
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CBD Collection produces and selects the best Cannabis Light flowers with a high cannabidiol (CBD) value.
Winners of 7 cannabis cups of legal light marijuana, since 2017 we have always been looking for and perfecting new phenotypes and genotypes to offer you a unique and ever-better experience with our products. With specific batches, we guarantee the traceability of our products along the entire production chain, from the seed to the finished product thanks to a special digital register. We select only the best from the productions (indoor, green house, glass house and outdoor) located in the Aosta Valley, Tuscany, Lombardy, Lazio and Umbria. Each of our products is analyzed and certified by the pharmaceutical science department – chemical toxicological analysis laboratory – of the University of Milan, in order to guarantee maximum safety and excellent product quality. All our products comply with the Italian and European standards for sale and we ship in just 24 / 48h throughout the national and European territory (apart from the islands).


100% legal thanks to a THC content lower than that prescribed by law. Our products are exclusively for technical and collectible use, they are not medicinal or food products and cannot be used as combustion products.

Guaranteed quality

We produce in Italy and also select from all over Europe only the best products from organic and eco-sustainable crops that do not involve intensive, industrial methods and the use of chemical additives that distort the officinal effects of the Hemp plants.

R&D (Research and Development)

CBD Collection is committed to allocating part of its profits to finance research in the field of cannabinoids by promoting continuous research and development of our products, cultivation and production methods thanks to the help of the latest technologies

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What is Cannabis Light?

The term Cannabis Light refers to the varieties of Cannabis Sativa with a THC level below the legal limits. Due to the very low content of this substance, all products that contain Cannabis Light have no psychoactive effect and are totally legal!

Is Cannabis Light Legal?

Yes, absolutely! Law 242/2016 allows the cultivation of Hemp plants as long as the THC content contained in them does not exceed 0.6%. This value was set to ensure that the flowers produced by these plants could not cause any psychotropic effects.

How Can I Use Legal Marijuana?

All the legal cannabis products we offer are the result of careful selection and are therefore safe.
Before being marketed, multiple analyzes are carried out to ensure that all values ​​fall within the parameters required by law.

Is CBD a medicine?

Absolutely not. On various institutional and scientific portals you can find many articles dealing with Cannabis and in particular the cannabinoids such as CBD contained within it. Many of them bring to light the fact that Cannabis can be used to treat and alleviate many diseases, but to better understand them it is always necessary to rely on a doctor. The products you find on this site are not medicines and should not be considered as such. We recommend that you always contact your doctor before starting on any therapy.

How is the legality of Cannabis light products guaranteed?
All our legal hemp products go through a strict protocol to guarantee their quality and legality. Being direct producers, we can control the whole process from the seed to the packaging stage. All crops are carried out without the use of pesticides and herbicides, in order to provide our customers with a completely natural cannabis light product. Analyzes are carried out in certified laboratories to check the levels of cannabinoids in the field, during the growth phase and subsequently, on the finished product. This allows us to control the entire development phase of light hemp and to make sure that our products are completely legal.
How can I pay for my order?
You can buy all our Cannabis Light products (Marijuana light, Hash CBD, Charas CBD) and all other products directly in our Cannabis Shop. At the end of the procedure you can choose whether to pay your order comfortably with a credit card, by making a transfer, or directly to the courier at the time of delivery.
How long does it take to ship the products?
Time is precious and so is that of our customers. By ordering any product in our Cannabis Light Shop, it will be prepared and shipped the same day or at the latest the day after the order with the best national couriers. In 24 / 48h you will receive it at the specified address (72h for EU).
How can I choose the right CBD oil for me?
CBD is a cannabinoid found in the flowers of the light hemp plant. Being a molecule scarcely soluble in water, "carrier" oils are used which allow its dissolution and a more comfortable use. Among them, for example, hemp oil and coconut oil (MCT). The concentration of CBD in oils can vary from 5% to 30% and so can the effectiveness it can have. To choose the CBD oil that best suits your needs, read the in-depth article on our blog!