Resellers & Franchising

CBD Collection is a company in strong development, formed primarily by friends and professionals with diversified skills in the field of hemp, legal, economic, commercial, technical and IT.

Ride the Cannabis Light market boom!

Besides being easy, fast and convenient, it represents a risk-free, if not minimal, activity which, with a small investment, ensures you have great results. We have studied a functional, competitive, economic and in step with the times "commercial affiliation" formula, opting for 2 types of collaboration with present and future retailers in order not to create economic constraints linked to royalties and collection percentages, in fact all the profits of our dealers remain 100% theirs!

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Sei in possesso di Partita IVA e ti piacerebbe rivendere i nostri prodotti all’interno del tuo negozio o esercizio commerciale?
Contattaci e inizia subito a cavalcare il boom del mercato della cannabis light.

CBD Store

Want to open a CBD Collection store?
Our company is the only one to offer a turnkey business solution for only € 5000.