Turnover of cannabis light: how much is it worth?

The market: cannabis light business for 44 million a year

How much is the legal hemp market worth? It is a question that many have asked themselves and now we have numbers. The report of a research carried out by the Sorbonne indicates that the cannabis light business is around 44 million euros a year and creates 960 permanent jobs in our country. All this in a constantly expanding market.

The research was entrusted to Davide Fortin of the Sorbonne in Paris, researcher of the Marijuana Policy Group of Denver. The expert has also provided consultancy for many of the countries that are legalizing the hemp market, both with and without THC, the last case being that of Canada.

Grow shops continue to grow and open, investors follow the trend. The crops in Italy are growing numerically visibly. Having the production chain almost entirely in Italy, taxation seems to be able to bring a minimum figure of around 6 million euros into the state coffers, a considerable source of income for the common coffers of the country.

Regulatory importance

At the moment, the sector is moving into a regulatory situation that we have already told you about in several of our articles. The product is legally salable under any commercial license, as long as it has a THC content of less than 0.6%. Fortin’s report on cannabis light affairs is very encouraging for the money entering the tax authorities and for jobs, but it is also true that there is a need for regulations that better regulate the market. Traceability and labeling are just some of the issues on which legislators will have to intervene, as well as the intended use. In fact, remember that at the moment cannabis is sold as a technical and / or collectible product, not for consumption or combustion.