Our company

CBD Collection is a unique and innovative project that comes from the passion and true love of 4 friends for nature and for the Hemp Light plant. Following the absorption of the Seed Of Love brand within the company, it is presented for the first time in the Italian market, during the international context of Canapa Mundi 2018 in Rome.

Through proper training and an informational communication on the characteristics of our Cannabis Light-based products and the benefits of cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, etc.) we wish to promote and help people who are crushed every day by stressful and frantic products from the society in which we live.
The Company also proposes itself as a supporter of a cannabis light liberalization movement to promote flowers with a THC value below the legal limits.

CBD Collection is composed of figures with different skills in different sectors, from the agricultural, to the IT and digital worlds, up to legal and commercial competences. The company immediately stands out in the Italian national scene thanks to the excellence of the products, ranking 1st in the standings with Sweet Kiss at the Canapa Cup in Rome (December 2017) and placing itself again on the podium in 2nd place with the Dreams Berry at the Cannabis Light Cup held in Milan during the 420 Hemp Fest event.

The greatest success, however, takes place during the international Indica Sativa Trade fair in Bologna, after which our products have won the awards as best Italian indoor product and best Italian outdoor product

You can find the complete list of awards won by our products by clicking here

The Brand

Not just a brand or a logo, but a real graphic and denominational representation that dates back to an ancient Brand in 1806. In particular, our Brand depicts a "smoking jacket" or more commonly called "Smoking", an ancient jacket from smoke desired by the son of Queen Victoria, specially created for a fact of education, since at the time, as a good gentleman, we took care to wear over the evening dress, a jacket in order to avoid being impregnated with the strong smell of smoke, which caused so much disappointment among many women of the time.

Thanks to an initial and accurate study accompanied by a continuous research aimed at historical reconstruction, it was possible to model the visual components now represented within our brand within the Cannabis Light panorama.

Research & Development

The Company is developing a sector dedicated to Research & Development, both for the creation of new cannabis light genetics, and for cultivation techniques. Among the first developments, the innovative Data Analysis system (420 Big Data) of hemp plants thanks to the use of drones, NDVI cameras and sensors, which allow real-time control of the state of the plant. This system, after a period of data collection for the construction of mathematical models that will map the states of the light cannabis plant, will allow the farmer to intervene promptly in case of alterations of the health status of the plants, safeguarding them from the development of various pathologies.