CBD Collection is a unique and innovative project that comes from the passion and true love of 4 friends for nature and for the Hemp plant. Through proper training and an informative communication on the characteristics of our Cannabis Light-based products, on the benefits of cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, etc.) we wish to promote and help people who are crushed every day by stressful and frantic products from the society in which we live.


By purchasing the CBD Collection products, you finance those who make real information and those who work for the liberalization of the plant. Our supply chain is completely independent and operates in full compliance with the law, nature and people. If you too marry our philosophy and want to ensure a better future for yourself and new generations, you can help us and do your part in a concrete and tangible way simply by choosing our products.


100% legal thanks to a lower THC content than prescribed by law Our products are exclusively for technical and collector use, are not medicinal or food products and cannot be used as combustion products.

Premium quality

We produce in Italy and we also select from all over Europe only the best products from organic and eco-sustainable crops that do not include intensive, industrial methods and the use of chemical additives that distort the medicinal effects of Light Hemp plants.

Research & Development

CBD Collection undertakes to allocate part of its profits to finance research in the field of cannabinoids by promoting continuous research and development of our products, cultivation and production methods thanks to the help of the latest technologies


CBD Collection selects the best Italian and European Legal Cannabis Light flowers, hand-crafted and grown without the use of any chemical additives. Discover also our CBD, CBG and CBN based hemp products. The great attention paid to the Plant and to the People makes our products always of the highest quality, natural, and marked by psychophysical well-being.

Are you interested in our products?

CBD Collection offers various commercial proposals, both for retailers and / or distributors already in possession of a commercial activity and for those who want to open their own shop.